Core Medical Interpreter Training

This is a new program that KITA offers. CMIT is a 64-hour course that covers the basics of medical interpreting, but goes more in depth than other courses. As with BTG, we require that individuals interested in taking this course first pass a third-party language assessment. KITA hopes to offer a portion of this course online to make it more accessible to people interested in becoming a medical interpreter. The course costs $600 and the language assessment ranges in price from $70-$115 depending on the language. Scholarships are available to qualified applicants.


Various times throughout the year, we host webinars from distinguished presenters. These webinars are to provide individuals with more specialized training. They cover various topics that an interpreter may encounter. Some examples of the webinars we have offered are “Interpreting Bad News: How Much Do You Want To Know?” and “Vicarious Trauma: Interpreting for Domestic Violence Victims.” All our webinars are approved for continuing education units (CEUs).

Language Connections

Interpreting can be an isolated and challenging job. Many interpreters do not have a support system of co-workers that they can talk to regularly. That is why KITA hosts interpreter “meet-ups “for active, prospective, and former interpreters. These meet-ups take place at various places in Bowling Green, Lexington and Louisville. The purpose is to provide interpreters with a support system, allowing them to share knowledge and experiences. Click on the link below to find out more about the next interpreter meet-up in your area.

Bowling Green