Dear CMIT Applicant:

We are so excited you are here and will be taking TIN’s Language Proficiency Test. Before you take your Language Proficiency Test (LPT) make sure to review the links below. These links will assist you with fluidity during the test. You can take your test anytime from anywhere. Your LPT link will be coming from Mettl system separately in a different email. You will be tested in writing, spoken, target and source languages. To learn more, see below.

Written Portion of the Test (WPT) 1.5 hour

The written portion of the test is designed to evaluate syntax, grammar, cultural competency, reading and comprehension, writing composition and production, recognition of ethical issues, subject knowledge and language appropriateness.

Oral Portion of the Test (OPT) 1.5 hour

The Oral Proficiency Test (OPT) consists of a structured set of questions designed to evaluate knowledge of social services, education, healthcare and general business vocabulary. Applicants are asked to sight-translate spoken passages and to interpret recorded responses during the OPT. The OPT evaluates syntax, grammar, composition and word production in English and target language. In addition, applicants listen to conversations that range from a simple encounter to more advanced interactions. The system will record the applicant’s responses for grading. During the OPT, the applicant is also evaluated to see if they recognize cultural and ethical issues.

The total amount of time for the test is 3.5 hours.

As soon as you finish your test please let our support team know you are done. Below is some information that will assist you in preparing to take your online Language Proficiency Test (LPT).

For more information about Translation & Interpretation Network, contact:

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Senior Education & Recruiting Manager

Translation & Interpretation Network

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