Below is a list of sites and documents provided as resources for interpreters, translators or anyone interested who might benefit. These resources are provided free of charge and with no guarantee as to accuracy, in the case of glossaries and terminology. Any opinions expressed in any of the resources cited are those of the publisher and their appearance on the KITA website does not constitute an endorsement.

Regional, State and Local Resources

The official Kentucky source for information concerning COVID-19

IMIA – Medical Terminology Committee: COVID-19 Terminology and Acronyms

Covid-19 Glossary of terms in 12 languages from Eriksen Translations

Bromberg & Associates COVID-19 resources

American Sign Language (ASL) Videos for Coronavirus Disease 2019 (COVID-19) Response

RadioLex multilingual community resources

American World Community resources and information

Information for international languages | City of Lexington

National Resources

International Resources

Translators Without Borders glossary for COVID-19

Fundéu COVID-19 recomendaciones lingüísticas