Admittance to CMIT

You will be admitted to the CMIT after you have taken and passed the language proficiency exam (s).

You will be tested in English and one target language.

Time Commitment

The current version of CMIT is a total of sixty-four (64) hours. You will do thirty-two (32) hours of that on your own through an online platform to which you will have access for approximately three (3) weeks. The other thirty-two (32) hours will be taught in an instructor-led class, depending on the circumstances either in person or through video conference.

Certificate of Completion

To pass the course and be granted the training certificate you must meet the following requirements:

  1. Finish all the CMIT lessons through the online platform (32 hours)
  2. Attend all the scheduled classes and participate in the exercises (32 hours)
  3. Pass the final exam (70%)

Class Attendance

It is important that you attend each class. However, we realize that there may be a valid reason for you to miss some class time. You can still earn the CMIT certificate should you miss a total of no more than four (4) hours. The time missed must be approved by your instructor.

Final Exam

On the final day of class, you will take an exam. You can prepare for this exam by participating in class, finishing the online modules, studying the CMIT course book and the quizzes given. You must score 70% or better to pass the final exam.

Technology Needed

You will need a recording device, which could be an app on your phone. You will also need a working computer/tablet with webcam and microphone and a strong Internet signal. You will need to know how to operate your computer and recording device.

Other Considerations

You will need to be in a quiet space where you can concentrate and be undisturbed if the class is taught through video conference.


Should you drop out of the class after paying, you can choose to take the next class or get a refund.

Your total refund will depend on:

  1. Any fees KITA paid in order to accept a credit card payment
  2. The cost of mailing the books to you (approximately $20)
  3. The cost of the books if you have already written in them ($150)