CMIT January 2021 Online Course – Register by January 4

Core Medical Interpreter Training Program™ is a flexible 64-hour training program that surpasses the recommended national training standards and requirements for national certification for Medical/Healthcare Interpreters. KITA is a licensed provider of CMIT.

CMIT has been fully developed by and for interpreters. With more than 35 years of collective experience in the field of interpreting and interpreting training, the CMIT authors put emphasis in the development of the basic interpreting skills and learning of specialized medical terminology. As a reminder, you will need to attend all of the online sessions to get a certificate of completion.


Friday 1/15 530-830pm
Saturday 1/16 8am-1pm
Friday 1/22 530-830pm
Saturday 1/23 8am-1pm
Saturday 1/30 10am-1pm
Sunday 1/31 130-630pm
Friday 2/5 530-830pm
Saturday 2/6 8am-1pm

That’s 35 hours and the rest of the 64-hour class will be self-paced online modules. See the attached CMIT Guidance for more details. We expect to have 20 spots for this class.

There are a few who have already taken a language proficiency exam. You can register/pay right away to hold your spot. Let us know if we can send you an invoice.


For those who will need to take the language proficiency exam, the cost is $100. You will need to pay the vendor, Texas Interpreter Network, directly. For more details about TIN’s language proficiency exam click here.

If you are ready to get this done, please send me at your earliest convenience:

  1. Your name
  2. Your email
  3. Your phone number
  4. What target language you’d like to be tested in (other than English)
  5. Whether you would like to include the written portion*

*For the cost of $100 you can include a written portion (1.5 hours) or not. KITA has never required a written exam, only listening comprehension and language production. However, it may be beneficial to have as a credential if you plan to work as a translator (written) and not just as an interpreter (oral/sign) We would prefer that a candidate would not have to sit for a test that could be as long as 3.5 hours. Without the written part you can expect the test to take 1.5 to 2 hours. You will want to take this test soon if you intend to take the class.


Once you have passed the above exam you are able to register/pay for the class, the CMIT class is an additional $500. The $500 includes a textbook, a workbook, and a certificate upon successful completion of the course. Books have been ordered and can be picked up in Lexington.

There may be some financial aid for the $500 through Access Language Solutions, a non-profit interpreter agency operating out of Lexington, KY. An ALS representative can meet with you (over Zoom) to see if you qualify. Financial aid up to $250 is available for qualified applicants. The highest aid would go to those who speak more than one target language and have good availability to accept assignments. If you don’t fit in that description, expect closer to the range of $100-200. Let us know if you want to be considered for this. You will still need to pay for and take the $100 language exam before consideration.

To reply to any of the criteria mentioned above, or for any other questions related to the CMIT course or the language proficiency exam, contact us here.

We look forward to seeing you in January!

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