Statement Regarding Health Safeguards for Interpreters During the COVID-19 Crisis

The safety and health of interpreters and translators is now, more than ever, on the minds of professionals across the nation.

KITA encourages all interpreters, agencies, services and healthcare providers to refer to the Certification Commission of Healthcare Interpreters’ (CCHI) recent “Open Letter on Ensuring Healthcare Interpreters’ Safety during the COVID-19 Pandemic” for guidelines and recommendations on safe practices and modes of interpretation during this time.

Following these recommendations, many have transitioned to over-the-phone interpreting (OPI), video remote interpreting (VRI, including for signed languages) or remote simultaneous interpreting (RSI). For many of us, perhaps most, these platforms are new and unfamiliar territory. The article, “AIIC best practices for interpreters during the Covid-19 crisis” from the International Association of Conference Interpreters, provides additional sound guidance from experts in the field of conference interpreting on the use of remote interpreting technologies.

Finally, we encourage all ASL interpreters to see the latest information and recommendations from the RID. A brief video entitled “Message from the RID President Regarding the COVID-19 Coronavirus” is available on their website and offers guidance that is consistent with the aforementioned practices.

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